WeekendRead: A Government of the People

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) thrives under the notion that America is a government created of the people and by the people. A wave of federal government regulations imposed upon the American public in recent years has caused some to doubt this founding principle.

AFP is committed to reminding Americans that our voices are just as powerful as ever. 

Recently, our organization has demonstrated just how impactful a group of focused and determined Americans can be. Our efforts have prevented state governments from overtaxing their people, overstepping their constitutional powers, and exercising harmful political cronyism.

One such political victory for AFP this year came when our partners in Tennessee collaborated to defeat Republican Governor Bill Haslam’s attempt to expand Medicaid in his state. 

Thanks to AFP activists, state legislators became convinced that expansion was not something conservatives wanted in Tennessee, just like most Oklahomans do not want Medicaid expansion in our state.

A once small group of thoughtful, committed citizens has exploded into one of the largest grassroots organizations in the country. AFP is carrying the voice of the nation’s people with us as we hold government accountable and try to shape policy from coast to coast. It is no coincidence AFP has grown five times its size in five years.

Americans are fed up with overspending and punishing regulations on both the federal and state levels of government. We are dedicated to keeping our nation’s founding principles alive and being a voice for the voiceless.

To read about more about AFP’s policy victories across the country, click here: http://afpok.us/1MW8Nvr