Wayne Pettigrew endorses George Faught in Second D.C. race

Muskogee, OK – George Faught earned the endorsement of one of the primary challengers on Monday as McAlester businessman and former state legislator Wayne Pettigrew gave him his support in the August 28th runoff.

“George is without question the most qualified and most knowledgeable Republican candidate in the runoff and he represents our best chance to win the 2nd District in November,” said Pettigrew.

“I have been impressed with George’s in-depth knowledge of the issues and his practical solutions to the problems we have in Washington today.  He will be a vigilant worker for the people of the 2nd Congressional District and for our whole country,” Pettigrew added.

Faught stated, “I am grateful to have the support of the only other candidate who has had previous legislative experience. Wayne and I both know that with the serious challenges our country faces, we cannot afford to send someone who doesn’t have a grasp of the serious issues and needs ‘on the job training’.  Experience does matter and Wayne agrees that my 25 years as a small business owner coupled with my 6 years in the state legislature gives me the ability to hit the ground running from day one.

“I value his input because of his depth of knowledge in the area of insurance and economics since these are among the most pressing concerns of our day. I look forward to having Wayne’s support as we work to win this seat and send a trusted, proven conservative to Congress.”

Pettigrew said that Mullin’s lack of meaningful knowledge on major issues could hurt Republican’s chances in November.

“Mr. Mullin’s statement that he supports a ‘single payer’ health care system is troubling as was the fact that he didn’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid at a candidate forum in Grove just a few weeks ago,” Pettigrew said.  “Mr. Mullin only attended 4 of 14 candidate forums so his stance on many issues is unknown and unformulated,” Pettigrew added.

“I found Mr. Mullin to be the least knowledgeable and least prepared of any of the Republican candidates that ran for the 2ndCongressional district. Bottom line – if Mullin wins the nomination, Republicans lose in November!”