Watching Joe and Mary run … is kinda fun

OKLAHOMA CITY — I’ve been watching Republican incumbent Gov. Mary Fallin and her Democratic challenger, state Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs.

Logic tells us Fallin, with all the advantages of a conservative record and plenty of campaign cash, has the edge in the November election.

But Dorman has been creative in appealing to both the Right and the Left of the political spectrum. For conservatives, there’s his advocacy for gun rights, and his early and consistent opposition to the controversial Common Core curriculum standards.

Fallin is stressing the state’s strong economy, Oklahoma’s comparatively low tax burden and her positions on important social issues to rally the conservative base, and, in the end, it seems unlikely she will lose.

Still “unlikely” and “impossible” are not the same thing. On October 2, they’ll debate, and that will be a chance to consider them face to face.
It’s kind of fun, watching Joe and Mary run.
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