Ward 3 Oklahoma City Council contest: Of two good options, Barbara Young is the best

The City Sentinel Endorsement

Voters in Oklahoma City Council Ward 3 have two qualified hopefuls on the April 6 election ballot in Southwest Oklahoma City. 
From a crowded February primary field of six candidates, two women emerged victorious. 
Barbara Young is a merchandise project manager with Love’s Country Stores. 
Jessica Martinez-Brooks is a 20-year educator. 

Each is a mother and a wife. They each bring experience and wisdom to the table, seeking to close the deal with voters in the sprawling council district.
Young stresses the need to advance the local economy, increase opportunity, improve public safety, push for the area’s fair share of government resources for roads and other public needs and quality-of-life. Young got 26 percent support in the primary.
Martinez-Brooks presses similar themes in her own right, speaking of the infrastructure (read: road conditions) essentials and blending in calls for transparency and accountability in government. Brooks-Martinez garnered 29 percent in the first-round.
Stated views of the two finalists are similar but not identical.

Brooks-Martinez’s support includes admirers of her husband, a Democratic state Senator. 
Many in the business community are drawn to Young’s private sector achievements. 
Both women are professional in demeanor and style.  

The 20-year departing incumbent, Larry McAtee, served well. His responsible stewardship of taxpayer resources merits emulation. 
Young opposes new taxes. She is a mainstream conservative, projecting “a voice of reason” simmering issues touching law enforcement in all of its aspects. There is no doubt where she stands on key issues.
For this non-partisan position, Ward 3 has two good candidates in the “run-off” (a technical term, this is actually the “general”).
The City Sentinel newspaper endorses Barbara Young.