Vote your good wolf – For Gary Johnson

OKLAHOMA CITY — My quarterly issue of Patrolling, the magazine of the 75th U.S. Army Ranger Regiment, came in Wednesday’s mail.  John Chester, an old Army Ranger and first vice-president of our association, repeated a Native American story while talking about PTSD.  
The grandfather told his grandson, “In each of us reside two wolves.  One is positive and nurturing and is fond of knowledge and kindness.  The other is negative and destructive and wishes ill to everything.  These wolves are in constant conflict with each other for your soul.”  
“Which one will win?,” asked the grandson. 
“Whichever one you feed,” replied the grandfather. 
I watched a calm, respectful, erudite debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson on Tavis Smiley last night (Tuesday, November 1).  They are the caliber of presidential candidates that we should “feed.”  Why would we cast our most sacred vote, a right for which many have died, for a rude, arrogant, secretive candidate that we absolutely believe will lie to us?  (Take you pick between Clinton or Trump for that statement.)  Polls show that the vast majority of us dislike and distrust both candidates.  
Hopefully, we were raised to stand up for what we believe is right and fair and honest, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.  After Vietnam, I completed my degree in political science at Central State and worked for U.S. Congressman Mickey Edwards, and I have been a registered Republican for 50 years, until they chose Trump as their nominee.  I registered Libertarian.  I should probably should have done it sooner.  I want a politician that really believes:
* Less government is better.
* We need to stop propping up foreign governments. 
* Our money needs to be spent at home, not in foreign lands. 
* That as long as I do not infringe on your rights, I should be able to do as I please. 
* Billions spent on building drug enforcement fiefdoms has accomplished building more bureaucratic kingdoms, but it has not reduced drugs. 
* Debt spending should be stopped. 
* Foreign aid is a primary contributor to corruption.

Does Gary Johnson have a viable chance at becoming President?  Only if individuals stand up for what they believe and the wolf that they want to rule their lives.  
I will be voting for Gary Johnson for President.  
Whomever you support, please vote.  

Editor’s Note:
Jack L. Werner regularly writes for The City Sentinel’s print
edition. He owns A to Z Inspections, a commercial and residential
inspection company serving the southwest. He teaches home
inspections for Francis Tuttle Career Tech and is an NAHB-certified
instructor, teaching Certified Aging in Place and Universal Design
courses for the Oklahoma Home Builders Association. Jack serves on
the board of the Daily Living Centers, is a member of the Silver
Haired Legislature, and was appointed by Governor Mary Fallin to the
Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools. Jack served with the
United States Army, December 1, 1966 – December 1, 1970; Russian
linguist, 4
th Infantry Division, K Co., 75th
Airborne Rangers, two tours in Vietnam.