Universal Occupational Licensing Recognition Act advances to Oklahoma Senate Floor

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Universal Occupational Licensing Recognition Act Wednesday night (Feb. 26). Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, authored the bill to help attract more professionals to move and work in Oklahoma.

“Last year, I authored legislation to provide reciprocal licensing for military personnel and their spouses, which has been tremendously helpful for them, and we want to extend that opportunity to all licensed and certified professionals who want to live in Oklahoma,” Pugh said. “Currently, there are too many hoops for these individuals to jump through when they move to our state. Recognizing their occupational licenses and certificates will make our state more attractive and help grow our economy.”

S.B. 1891 directs occupational boards and commissions to issue an occupational license in the relevant profession to anyone who takes up residency in Oklahoma and holds an occupational license or certificate that has been in good standing in another state for at least one year.

“Having to get re-certified or re-licensed is an inconvenience to professionals who relocate to our state,” Pugh said. “We need to make sure that these professionals know that Oklahoma is open for business and ready to welcome them.”

Sen. Pugh has championed occupational licensing reform in the Oklahoma Legislature. 
He authored S.B. 670 last year to provide reciprocal licensing for military families. 
This year, he has also authored SB 1125 directing the State Board of Education to issue teaching certificates to those who hold valid out-of-state teaching certificates, with no other requirements except a criminal history record check. (He had to file S.B. 1125 because teacher certification falls under its own title of law.)

After the committee vote vote of 14-4, S.B. 1891 advanced to the full Senate.