Under the dome: Bills under consideration for the special session

OKLAHOMA CITY – Here are the bill numbers and abbreviated titles for the legislation introduced Tuesday for consideration during the special session of the Oklahoma Legislature.

Under her authority as chief executive, after consultation with legislative leaders, Gov. Mary Fallin called the session for the sole purpose of reacting the omnibus lawsuit reform legislation of 2009

The bill numbers and short-form titles are below, first for the Senate, then for the House. 

Senate Bill 1 Affidavits of merit; requiring filing of certain affidavit for specified actions; establishing certain procedures. Emergency.

SB 2 Dismissal; modifying procedures for dismissal of actions. Emergency.

SB 3 modifying certain procedures relating to appeal bonds. Emergency 

SB 4  Recovery of payments; establishing procedures for recovery of Medicaid payments. Emergency.

SB 5 Summary judgment; establishing procedures for summary judgment. Emergency. 

SB 6 Expert testimony; modifying requirements for expert testimony. Emergency. 

SB 7 Uniform commercial code; prohibiting breach of  certain obligation from giving rise to certain cause of action. Emergency.

SB 8 Joint and several liability; modifying certain exemption. Emergency.

SB 9 Damages; establishing limitations on certain noneconomic damages; providing procedures relating to certain judgments. Emergency.

SB 10 Emergency management; modifying definition; removing certain exclusion. Emergency. 

SB 11 Volunteer liability;   modifying definitions; construing provisions. Emergency.

SB 12 Liability for food products; Creating the Common Sense Consumption Act. Emergency.

SB 13 Products liability; modifying liability for manufacture or sale of certain products. Emergency. 

SB 14 Asbestos and silica claims; creating the Asbestos and Silica Claims Priorities Act. Emergency. 

SB 15 Liability; creating the Innocent Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Act. Emergency. 

SB 16 School suspensions; requiring out-of-school suspensions for certain acts. Emergency. 

In the House of Representatives: 

House Bill 1001   Officers; The Governmental Tort Claims Act; modifying exemptions from liability. By Gus Blackwell  (no emergency?)

HB 1002  The Governmental Tort Claims act; modifying exclusions. Emergency. 

HB 1003 Civil procedure; authorizing court to decline jurisdiction; emergency.

HB 1004 Firearms; providing for certain liability; emergency. 

HB 1005  Public health and safety; enacting the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act; emergency

HB 1006 Civil procedure; modifying definition of frivolous; emergency. 

HB 1007 Public health and safety; modifying peer review information subject to discovery; emergency.

HB 1008 Oklahoma Livestock Activities Liability Limitation Act; modifying definitions; emergency.

HB 1009 Schools; creating the School Protection Act; emergency.

HB 1010 Schools; providing restrictions on attorneys involved in due process hearings

HB 1012 Interest on judgments; modifying provisions relating to prejudgment interest; emergency. 

HB 1013 Class action procedure; modifying class action procedure; emergency.

HB 1014  Civil procedure; clarifying outline in discovery section; emergency. 

HB 1015 Passenger restraint systems; providing for admissibility of certain evidence in civil actions; emergency. 
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