U.S. Senate Candidate Lahmeyer endorses Republican Attorney General John O’Connor for Election

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Jackson Lahmeyer has endorsed Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor in the upcoming June 28 Oklahoma Republican Primary election.

Lahmeher announced his endorsement in a press release sent to news organizations and to his supporters on Friday, June 17.

O’Connor was appointed Attorney General by Governor Kevin Stitt on July 23, 2021.

“In the job of Attorney General John O’Connor has stood up for Oklahomans and filed 15 lawsuits against the Biden Administration to fight their big government mandates to our state,” said Lahmeyer, the Tulsa pastor who is challenging Senator James Lankford in the Republican U.S. Senate Primary.


Lahmeyer continued in his statement, provided to CapitolBeatOK.com:

“Whether it is our second amendment rights, or resisting vaccination and mask mandates as well as acting to protect Oklahoma Energy Industry workers, John O’Connor has proven that he will fight for our sovereignty and our traditional Oklahoma values.”

(https://www.city-sentinel.com/tribal/u-s-senate-challenger-jackson-lahmeyer-challenges-senators-james-lankford-and-jim-inhofe-to-press/article_d317d16e-8467-11ec-95f5-972979f92589.html )

Lahmeyer said, “Not only has John O’Connor proven that he has the legal skills and courage to stand up for Oklahoma against the leftist onslaught from Washington but the office of Attorney General should not be for sale.

“The last thing we need is an Attorney General who supported Joe Biden for President, but now seeks to purchase the office through massive, expensive television, cable, radio, and digital advertising.”

Lahmeyer sent a message to his supporters through his statement:

“I strongly urge all of my supporters to support John O’Connor as a man of courage and Faith. Governor Stitt made a great decision when he appointed John O’Connor as Attorney General, and now we must be certain that he will be elected to that office.”