Tulsa Congressman Kevin Hern retains Joe Wilson of South Carolina as leader for Republican Study Committee National Security Task Force

Washington, D.C. — Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern, R-Oklahoma, announced Thursday (January 5) that U.S. Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, will continue to chair the Republican Study Committee’s National Security Task Force.

The National Security Task Force leads RSC’s policies to ensure a strong national defense and a policy of peace through strength.

A press release from the RSC said, “In the 117th Congress, the Task Force sent dozens of oversight letters, issued multiple memorandums and policy papers, and successfully introduced over a dozen amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act.

“In the 116th Congress, the Task Force issued RSC’s National Security Strategy, a comprehensive conservative report highlighting ways Congress could strengthen U.S. national security in confronting the threats of China, Russia and Iran.

“Joe Wilson has shown tremendous leadership leading the RSC National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force,” said Rep. Hern, the member of Congress from Oklahoma’s First Congressional District — primarily Tulsa and surrounding areas.

“Joe’s leadership of the Task Force has established the RSC as the intellectual leader on the Hill for conservative foreign policy solutions and ideas. I am confident in the 118th Congress, under Joe’s leadership, the Task Force will continue its record of success in standing up for a strong foreign policy of peace through strength.”

Rep. Wilson said, “I am grateful to Republican Study Committee Chairman Kevin Hern for appointing me to again chair the RSC’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force.

“The Task Force achieved impactful accomplishments while Republicans were in the minority, and, with the 118th Congress and our new majority, I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass significant foreign policy legislation supporting peace through strength, while undermining our adversaries such as Russia, China, Iran and other aggressors.”

Hern has made this and other notable announcements this week, even as the Republican majority in the House has been unable to settle on a new House Speaker.

Hern has consistently supported U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California for the top job in the House, but the former minority leader has consistently attracted a significant enough opposition to deprive him of the “magic” number needed to assume the top job in the House.

Wednesday and Thursday, Hern’s name was being raised in press reports and a formal floor nomination for the job, but he has remained supportive of McCarthy.

To study the RSC Task Force Foreign Policy Report card from the last Congress, go here:

For the RSC’s National Security Strategy, go here:


Note: Pat McGuigan, publisher of CapitolBeatOK.com, prepared this story, drawing from a press release sent from Hern’s office and adding information about the unfolding speakership battle.