Traveling this Season? Keep yourself and others safe while behind the wheel

OKLAHOMA CITY – Spring is in the air and with warmer temperatures and longer days, many Oklahomans find themselves behind the wheel en route to popular Oklahoma destinations for a weekend getaway or family vacation.

As one of the most traveled seasons nears, the Association of Oklahoma General Contractors (AOGC) and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) encourage – in this release sent to CapitolBeatOK, safety on the road for a successful and memorable trip.

Distractions from both inside and outside a vehicle can take attention off the road – ringing phones, loud music, congested traffic, construction zones, detours and passengers may pull one’s focus off of the road. Staying alert and aware is an effective way to keep everyone safe while on the road.

“In addition to buckling up while in the car, keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road will help keep drivers, passengers and those you share the road with safe while on Oklahoma roads and turnpikes,” said Bobby Stem, executive director of AOGC. “Refraining from becoming a distracted driver by talking on the phone or texting will decrease distracted driving accidents and promote safe roads for commuters, travelers and construction workers.”

This spring and summer season provide ample opportunities for Oklahomans to explore the state all within a short drive. A day trip to the Wichita Mountains, a weekend at Grand Lake or a trip to the Italian Festival in Southeast Oklahoma can all be visited traveling on Oklahoma turnpikes.

“Oklahomans can explore over 600 miles of our beautiful state along our turnpikes, and with new safety measures added throughout the state, travel is safer than ever,” said Jack Damrill, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority public information officer. “We encourage everyone to explore Oklahoma this summer travel season and stay alert to have an accident-free vacation.”

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The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority was established in 1947 to construct, operate and maintain Oklahoma turnpikes. Today, Oklahoma turnpikes are the safest and quickest ways to travel across the state. Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is managing multiple renovations throughout the state to continue maintaining and operating the turnpike system with excellence and care. 

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