Tom Cole ‘proud to see Israel stand up’ in defense

By Patrick B. McGuigan

Published: 23-Jun-2010

In a recent interviewed taped for CapitolBeatOK and News9, U.S. Rep. Tom Cole of Moore discussed the controversy that has surrounded moves by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to prevent ships from delivering uninspected goods to the Gaza Strip.

Cole commented on the criticism Israel has received from many of the nations of the world, making it clear he supported Israel acting to defend its interest and prevent reintroduction of missiles into the area.

Cole said, “Israel has every right to try and make sure that weapons are not sent into the Gaza Strip. They have dealt with the consequences of that, with thousands of rockets fired by Hamas on Israeli territory. They paid a pretty fearsome price by going in to clean it out and they want to keep it clean.”

As he seeks another term representing Oklahoma’s fourth Congressional District, Rep. Cole observed that the nation of Israel has “told everybody that legitimate humanitarian aid can come through, and indeed they’ve done that. These ships, if they would stop and be inspected — in either Israeli or Egyptian ports — could proceed without obstruction.” Those guiding the ships, he said, “have chosen not to do that.”

Cole reflected, “It’s interesting that the Egyptians have every bit as much concern as the Israelis do, about the arming of this particular group. So, I think there’s a little bit of a kangaroo world court where Israel is concerned.”

He continued, “I’m proud to see Israel stand up and defend herself. I think they’ve got an obligation to do that as a government, and I’m confident that they’ll continue to do that.”

The unedited video of the interview with Rep. Cole accompanies this story. The question and his response begin at approximately three minutes into the interview.

Cole faces R.J. Harris of Norman in the upcoming primary election. No Democrat filed for the seat, meaning the election will be decided on July 27.

In the full interview, Cole covered a wide range of concerns, including key issues for campaign 2010, the mood of the electorate, President Obama’s controversial policy objectives, Republican prospects in the congressional elections, and other matters.