To: Working journalists. From: Oklahoma’s Society of Professional Journalists – Is your name on this list?

Attention fellow reporters, editors, graphic designers for print and online publication, is your name embedded in the list below? How about you journalists who work at television or radio news organizations? And, all you magazine types – are you on this list
And, yes – public relations professionals who try to get the attention of scribes like your humble servant (me) – have you noticed that you are a winner

The annual awards dinner for the Society of Professional Journalists, Oklahoma professional chapter, is actually — factually – scheduled for Saturday, April 22. This pleasant evening of brotherly and sisterly recognition of the best in our chosen profession begins at 6 p.m. with a reception; and the dinner kicks off at 7 p.m. So, it must in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, right?
Nope – no geographic bias hereabouts: This year the awards program is taking place in Stillwater, America, home of Oklahoma State University, the O’Colly, KOSU, alternative, country and Christian format radio broadcasters and, to be sure, the venerable Stillwater News-Press.
The SPJ Oklahoma awards dinner is at the Meditations Catering & Banquet Facility, 1205 N. Country Club Rd., in Stillwater. SPJ OK award banquet tickets are $50. To purchase tickets go here: 

This is your time to name it, and claim it!
If you’re name is on this list – you are a winner! It’s true your family, good friends and colleagues (at least some of them) already knew that, but now your peers will know it, too. 
Don’t miss out on an evening that includes keynote speaker David Fallis, Pulitizer Prize-winning editor at The Washington Post – and an Okie like us (University of Oklahoma). 
Top awards are going to Curtis Killman of The Tulsa World, University of Oklahoma Professor John Smeltzer (also a Putlitzer winner)  and now-retired scribes Tom Maupin of The Oklahoman and Mary Hargrove of the Tulsa World and Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. And, a special tip of the hat to a defender of the First Amendment – lawyer Brady Henderson of the American Civil Liberties Union in Oklahoma.   

The 2017 SPJ Oklahoma Awards program will honor great work in every arm of Oklahoma journalism – highlighting a wide variety of reporting styles and platforms: “Best of the Best,” Magazine, Newspaper, Online, Public Relations, Television and Radio. 
Individual winners have been selected in a wide range of categories within each broad area listed above. 
The winners first place, second place and other honorees include Stephen Adams, Clifton Adcock, Mercy Adiambo, Madi Alexander, MJ Alexander, Lillie Anderson, Silas Allen, Bo Apitz, Sophia Babb, Brianna Bailey, Brandi Ball, Drew Barker, Richard Barron, James Beaty, Blake Behrens, Jennifer Bell, Kyle Bell, Anna Bennett, Steve Bennett, Julie Bisbee, Liz Blood, Ziva Branstetter, Graham Brewer, Georgia Brooks, Mark Brown, Trevor Brown, Robert Burch, and Aaron Byrd. 
Also winning in of varied fields of journalism are Jeff Cali, Kevin Canfield, Aaron Cardenes, Jenni Carlson, Kate Carlton Greer, Matt Carney, Tim Carson, Ray Carter, Scott Carter, Chris Casteel, Jeremy Charles, Nolan Clay, Matt Clayton, Bryan Clemmer, Adam Cohen, Mark Cooper, Steffie Corcoran, Jaclyn Cosgrove, Madeline Crawford, Connie Cronley, Michael Cross, Chad Crowe, William Crum, Andrejs Dabars, Kristin Dickerson, David Dishman, Trey Delonais, Leslie Denner, Dale Denwalt, Paige Dillard, Marc Dillard, Bobby Dobbs, Robin Dorner, Bree Dunham, Will DuPree, John Durkee, Laura Eastes, Christine Eddington, Andrea Eger, Greg Elwell, Moran Elwell, Guerin Emig, Adam Evans, Lis Exon, Ben Felder, Thor Fiedler, Garett Fisbeck, Rich Fisher, Collin Fowler, Kyle Frederickson, Barry Friedman, David Fritze, Marty Fulk, Lindsey Funk, Ashley Gabriele, Heather Geller, Brad Gibson, Tiffany Gibson, Steve Gill, Dylan Goforth, Lindsey Gomez, Ginnie Graham, Valerie Grant, Aaron Greene, Wayne Greene, Scott Gregory, and John Gutherey. 

Continuing the list, Oklahoma winner this year include Richard Hall, Lauren Hammack, Brian Hardzinski, Mary Hargrove, Sterlin Harjo, Paighten Harkens, Katelin Hartney, Kevin Harvison, Shari Hawkins, Brady Henderson, Joe Henke, Allison Herrera, Dawnyal Hill, Scott Hines, Carla Hinton, Barbara Hoberock, Greg Horton, Rob Howard, Rachel Hubbard, Corey Ingram, Debbie Jackson, Kim Jackson, Erin Jasmer, Sebastian Junger, Jessamine Nazari, Corey Jones, Elaine Kamarck, Juliana Keeping, Adam Kemp, Curtis Killman, Brandon King, Joshua Kline, Jeff Kolb, Randy Krehbiel, Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton, Ryan LaCroix, Chris Landsberger, Karen Larsen, John Laws, Jenny Lee, Michael Lemons, Logan Leydan, Carl Lewis, Matt Lewis, Virginia Lewis, Ryan Lorg, and Ben Luschen. 

Others winners in the 2017 competition were LeighAnne Manwarren, Rick Maranon, Ian Maule, Tom Maupin, Elyse Maxwell, Jacob McCleland, Kassie McClung, Brandy McDonnell, Jessi McEver, 
Patrick B. McGuigan, Dennis Meister, Ali Meyer, David Morris, Burt Mummolo, Felicia Murray, Charlie Neuenschwander, Phil O’Connor, Scotty O’Daniel, Adrian O’Hanlon, Joe O’Shansky, Michael Overall, Jennifer Palmer, Mike Paris, Matt Patterson, Sjonna Paulson, Todd Pendleton, Gary Peluso-Verdend, Bill Perry, Morgan Phillips, Sarah Phipps, Dillon Pierce, Kim Poindexter, Michelle Pollard, Nathan Poppe, Jared Porter, Annette Price, Charlie Price, Matthew Price, Kelly Prozialeck, Glenn Puit, Pearl Rachinsky, Jennifer Randell, Steve Reckinger, Louise RedCorn, Aaron Reeves, Nate Robson, Jessica Rodrigo, Bobby Ross Jr., James Royal,  Nathan Ruiz, and Joseph Rushmore.
Also, Bob Sands, Brian Sanders, Chris Schoelen, Eric Schock, Travis Schutten, Ilea Shutler, Deana Silk, Mike Simons, Greg Singleton, Steve Sisney, Darla Slipke, John Small, Joshua Small, John Smeltzer, Darla Smith, Michael Smith, Rick Smith, Shea Smith, Aaron Smoot,  Dewayne Smoot, Braxton Snodgrass, Samantha Spears, Payne Stetson, Marshall Stewart, Paige Stuart, Eric Swanson, Kurt Steiss, Sarah Szabo, Dave Tamez, Bryan Terry, Franque Thompson, Nathan Thompson, Thomas Thoren, Berry Tramel, Jimmie Trammel, Matt Trotter, David Vandever, John VanPool, Edna Varela, Warren Vieth, Carla Walker, Josh Wallace, Jessie Wardarski, Tim Watson, Garrett Weindorf, Morgan Welch, Emily Wendler, Carli Wentworth, Lance West, Joe Wertz, Scott Wigton, Adam Wilmoth, Jason Ashley Wright, and Maureen Wurtz.
A partial listing of the news organizations recognized includes 405 Magazine, Bigheart Times, Fox23, KGOU, KOSU,, The O’Colly, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Gazette, Oklahoma Humanities, Oklahoman, OMRF, State Magazine, TSET, Tulsa People, Tulsa World, Tulsa World Magazine, The Vista, Oklahoma Watch, Gayly, and (our personal favorites) The City Sentinel and CapitolBeatOK. 

C’mon to the home of the Cowboys, y’all. (Hope the editor let’s the colloquial usage get through). That’s Saturday, April 22. For earlier stories on the SPJ Oklahoma event, visit here ( and here: ( 

Note: McGuigan is a member of the board of directors, Oklahoma pro chapter, Society of Professional Journalists.