Three Oklahoma tech companies Form partnerships to benefit cattle ranchers

Oklahoma City – Oklahoma-based technology companies Land Scout, AgBoost, and SmartStock recently announced a partnership to integrate their agricultural software platforms. The alliance was formed to benefit cattle ranchers and livestock producers both statewide and across the nation.

According to a press release sent to, “The collaboration between Land Scout, AgBoost and SmartStock provides a seamless platform that will assist cattle ranchers in the most critical aspects of ranch management such as real-time herd location, genetic testing for optimal breeding and continuous animal health monitoring.

Land Scout’s ranch management software gives users a wide range of tools to connect all their land, herds and resources in one platform. Water, gate and pasture monitors are built into the software that allows ranchers to monitor water levels and remotely turns on water to refill tanks, knows when a gate is open, or a fence is down, and establishes and manages pastures from crops to herd rotation.

“Land Scout for ranch and herd management provides real-time animal health and location monitoring for our clients,” explained Trent Stoker, Director of Sales and Marketing for Land Scout.

“Partnering with AgBoost and SmartStock adds deeper value by integrating critical genetic and health data, which will allow our clients to build better breeding plans for their herds and provide a higher quality product to their markets. It just makes us proud to have three Oklahoma-based tech firms focused on disrupting ag technology.

AgBoost gives livestock producers the ability to track herd performance data and inventory to assist in a successful breeding program that provides better results for a sustainable herd that continues to perform and produce.

“Our partnership with Land Scout and SmartStock increases our brand visibility with potential customers and also gives our existing customers additional tools and expertise that will continue to improve productivity and sustainability,” said Sean Akadiri, founder and CEO of AgBoost.

SmartStock’s herd management technology system has designed a digestive track “bolus” similar to a tracking and monitoring device that is inserted into a dairy cow’s digestive tract to monitor health and vital signs. Each bolus comes with a unique animal identification number that assists with tracking and monitoring.

“The bolus monitors core body temperature and other health data parameters which are sent to the Land Scout platform database program on a continuous basis,” said SmartStock CEO Bill Ardrey.

“The bolus sends immediate, real-time alerts notifying the owner of any possible illness or adverse health events in any of their livestock, which ultimately leads to improved herd management efficiency and increased overall productivity for dairy farmers and ranchers. This technology dovetails perfectly with the software platforms offered by both Land Scout and AgBoost.”

The three software systems of Land Scout, AgBoost and SmartStock are all designed to easily integrate with each other’s platform, enhancing and augmenting the features, benefits and performance to offer improved outcomes for cattle industry users.

About Land Scout ( ):

Land Scout goes beyond data and maps with a robust platform with tools and data to serve a variety of industries. Software packages like Outpost, Pioneer and Explorer allow customers a tailored and streamlined approach to software that fits their needs. Land Scout Ranch Management provides location, health and genetics tracking in an easy-to-use platform that streamlines project management and communication while providing secure data analysis.

About AgBoost ( ):

AGRIC-BIOINFORMATICS (AgBoost) is a data analytics company that provides tools to aggregate and visually analyze big data to make intelligent decisions. We help identify trends, frequency of relevant events over time, correlations and analyze value and risk.

Livestock producers worldwide use our next-generation livestock data management technology platforms to enable selective breeding, management and marketing decisions for animals based on genetics, performance, health, nutrition data, and other key datasets.

About SmartStock ( )

SmartStock brings the latest in herd management technology to today’s farmers and ranchers through a tracking and health monitoring digestive track (rumen) bolus device. The device continuously monitors the health and vital conditions of the nation’s dairy herds, sending immediate and real-time alerts of illnesses or adverse health events to Land Scout platform. SmartStock’s technology is designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity for ranchers and the ag industry.