The State Chamber backs Insurance Commissioner Holland’s petition to court
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Published: 21-Jul-2010

CapitolBeatOK Staff Report

Published: 21-Jul-2010

Fred Morgan, president and CEO of The State Chamber of Oklahoma, has issued a strong statement in support of Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland’s decision to challenge House Bill 2437.
The Chamber agrees with Holland and other critics of the new law, saying it is a tax (not merely a fee). The measure would place a one percent levy on every health claim paid in Oklahoma.

In a statement issued yesterday (July 20), Morgan said:

“We fully support Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland’s decision to challenge this tax in court. Not only does this tax mean higher health insurance costs, but it also creates a tremendous burden on self-insured businesses across our state. Small businesses across Oklahoma are already struggling to provide health coverage to their employees, and this makes it even tougher to do so.

“We believe this tax could result in fewer insurance providers and third-party administrators doing business in our state; taking with them both choices and jobs. This poorly conceived and unconstitutional tax does not consider the tough choices that Oklahomans and businesses make every day.

“We appreciate the hard and thorough work of Commissioner Holland to fight for Oklahomans during a time when we need a strong principled voice standing up for the rule of law and for the interests of all Oklahomans.”

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