Tax Commission Offers PAYRight OK program
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Published: 14-Oct-2015

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma Tax Commission has announced a program for individuals and businesses who are behind on their Oklahoma taxes called PAYRight OK.  The program will allow taxpayers to pay their tax obligations without penalties, interest or fees.  PAYRight OK launched in September, and is available to participants through November 13. 

During this two-month period, Oklahoma taxpayers have the opportunity to file past due state tax returns and pay their tax liabilities for any periods ending prior to January 1, 2015 without any additional costs they would regularly incur.
Tax types included in the program are: 
·       Income tax (individual and corporate)
·       Sales tax
·       Use tax
·       Withholding tax
·       Mixed beverage tax
·       Gasoline and diesel tax
·       Gross production and petroleum excise tax
·       Privilege tax (Bank in Lieu Tax)
Federal taxes, taxes paid to other state agencies and taxes paid to other states are not eligible under this program.

“PAYRight OK offers taxpayers a chance to pay what they owe without worrying about penalties, fees and interest accrued over time,” said Paula Ross, Director of Communications. “PAYRight OK benefits both the taxpayer and the State by giving taxpayers the opportunity to save money while paying what they owe as well as generating revenue for Oklahoma. 

Additionally, taxpayers have the option of getting on a limited payment plan if they cannot pay the full amount.”

Taxpayers can pay their tax liabilities online at the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s Oklahoma Taxpayer Access Point (OkTAP) found at or by calling  (866) 263-8612.
The Oklahoma Tax Commission, in a press release, described itself as follows:  

“Since 1931, the Oklahoma Tax Commission has held the responsibility of the collection and administration of taxes, licenses and fees that impact every Oklahoman.  The collected revenues fuel such state projects as education, transportation, recreation, social welfare and a myriad of other services.

“Throughout the last seven decades, the Tax Commission has prioritized a flexible organization that encourages keeping pace with changes in technology, government structure and the ever-changing lifestyles of taxpayers.”

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