Sunita Sharma MacLennan will receive Global Citizen Community Service award on September 9

Sunita Sharma MacLennan of Her Farm Nepal and Global Mountain Fund will receive World Experiences Foundation’s 2017 Global Citizen Award in Community Service on Saturday, September 9 at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Oklahoma City.
According to a biographical sketch published by the World Experiences Foundation, Sunita was born a daughter to a well-to-do family in Nepal who wanted a son. As a child she was often dirty, hungry and uncared for. She understood from an early age the plight of women in a male dominated society. She dreamed of an education and becoming a nurse but her father arranged a marriage for her to a boy from a place far from her family home, far from childhood friends or relatives she cared about. This boy turned out to be abusive, both to her and later to her children. Against all societal norms and expectations she left him. Leaving meant also losing the support of her family and friends; she was totally and completely on her own in the world with young children to care for. It is from this experience, and the multitude of difficulties she faced that the idea for a place where women could find support, feel safe and surrounded by love was born. This place would come to be known as Her Farm. Her Farm is a 100 person woman-owned and operated farm where 32 women and children work together and support each other.
Sunita Sharma MacLennan is among a group of individuals who will be honored at next month’s gala ( 
According to her biographical narrative, Sunita’s religion is humanity and her passion is helping women who are in the position she once was herself. She understands their pain, the challenges they face and founded Her Farm so that no woman would ever have to face what she once faced alone. Her life’s work now is to counsel and support women, empower women and be a friend to, and advocate for women in Nepal.
Sunita has been directing the volunteer program in Nepal for The Mountain Fund since it’s inception. Founded in 2008, the Mountain Fund aims to create healthy, vibrant mountain communities where people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. To achieve this goal, they sponsor community-based initiatives that prioritize respect for the local culture and the environment.
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World Experiences Foundation’s global education programs provide opportunities for children in Oklahoma and abroad to connect with people from different cultures and countries. The Foundation website describes this work as “a powerful way of promoting global citizenship, building love and tolerance in the hearts and minds of children to foster world peace and collaboration.” 
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