Steele forms investigatory committee

Legislative Staff Release

Published 28-Jan-2011

House Speaker Kris Steele today (Friday, January 28) announced he will form a special bipartisan committee to investigate the allegations that led to state Rep. Randy Terrill, a Moore Republican, being charged with felony bribery.
“The circumstances surrounding this situation are serious and merit inquiry to determine if misuse or abuse of office occurred. According to the Oklahoma Constitution Article 5 section 30, the House of Representatives is responsible to oversee the conduct of its members. After carefully reviewing our options and obligations, I believe it is appropriate for the House to conduct its own investigation of this matter,” said Steele, a Shawnee Republican.
“I am confident a bipartisan committee can conduct a thorough review and facilitate an investigatory process that complies with the rule of law, respects the rights of the accused, and fulfills our duty to the public.”