State Sen. Stephanie Bice, Republican candidate for Fifth District Congressional seat, comments on national Emergency Declaration

Statement of Oklahoma state Senator Stephanie Bice, R-Oklahoma City, concerning the U.S. emergency declaration: 

“I’m proud of President Trump’s actions [Friday] in declaring a national emergency as a result of the onset of the Corona Virus. By suspending hospital rules, he’s allowing US medical professionals to respond to the virus and care for the American people in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. Partnering with the private sector to ensure that testing will be made available quickly is a crucial step in helping the public deal with this crisis.

“Trump is taking further measures to halt student loan interest as colleges and universities close their doors. And while oil prices have tumbled in recent weeks, the President directed the Secretary of Energy to purchase large quantities of crude oil for the US strategic reserves, an important move that could help keep Oklahoma from a significant economic downtown.

“All of these measures should reassure Americans that our president is taking tremendous steps to do what is best for our country.”