State Rep. Bobby Cleveland on Purcell-Lexington Bridge Repairs

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Bobby Cleveland, R-Slaughterville, issued the following statement today in response to recent criticism leveled at Gov. Mary Fallin by some who have accused her of politicizing the efforts to repair the Lexington-Purcell bridge:

“I live in this community, and I use this bridge every day. I know how important it is to our community. When this bridge was closed, Gov. Fallin immediately took action to work with ODOT and the community to develop a plan to get the bridge repaired and re-opened as soon as possible. Her willingness to declare an emergency allowed ODOT to cut six months off of the repair time.

“Her office has worked closely with the community to get hot meals served to senior citizens and to arrange for transportation for those most affected by the bridge closure. She helped develop a plan to get emergency care to citizens who were cut off from ambulatory services.

“Gov. Fallin has been fully engaged in this effort at every step, and she has long been a staunch supporter of improving our state’s roads and bridges. In fact, more than 220 bridges throughout Oklahoma have been repaired during the last four years. I am very grateful that Gov. Fallin has lent her leadership and her support to our community, and I am certain the citizens in my district would agree.”