State Chamber Foundation boosts study projecting manufacturing gains
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Published: 05-Oct-2014

To mark the occasion of National Manufacturing Day (which fell on Friday, October 3), the State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation commissioned a study of the state’s manufacturing industry. 

The study by Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Center for Economic and Business Development states that over the next 20 years, the average annual impact of manufacturing in the state will include a labor force of nearly 300,000 and $60-billion towards the gross state product.

“This study is further proof that Oklahoma’s continued economic success includes a vibrant manufacturing base,” said State Chamber Senior Vice President of Policy Analysis and Strategic Planning Mike Seney.

“The future for manufacturing in Oklahoma is bright, but does require a skilled workforce that can meet the needs of this expansion.”

The report finds there are over 4,000 manufacturing companies in the state which employ nearly 150,000 people directly. The analysis breaks down the numbers by region and gives estimates for the impact of the manufacturing sector for the next 20-years.

A PDF of the report can be downloaded here: 

About the State Chamber Research Foundation: Since 1981, the State Chamber Research Foundation has worked in partnership with state business leaders, economists and university researchers to advance and fund activities in public policy research that promote the future of Oklahoma.

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