SPECIAL REPORT: As Baltimore burns, end the posturing and lead

Washington, D.C. – The riots in Baltimore reflect the collapsing of America’s values.

The death of a young black man in police custody lit the fuse on piled-up problems in Baltimore. 

Gang members openly declared war against police, and Baltimore has descended into massive racial rioting and looting.

Young black men have received too little national attention. 

Few people know about President Obama’s program called My Brother’s Keeper, encouraging minority youth to stay in school, stay out of trouble, attend college and get good jobs.

Does that mean the media have ignored the program? Or that Obama has given it only lip service?

Those on Baltimore’s streets tell of 25% unemployment, dependence on government benefits, massive drug use, absent parents, and gangs’ becoming the families for young black men.

The problems have been in plain sight.

Politicians and so-called black leaders provide posturing, but this generation of young black men need leadership instead.