Something in the water? News from the worldwide web, and the tangled web

There must be something in the water. Or maybe it’s Friday? 

Regardless of the explanation, there is what can only be called some strange news out there. 

  Libertarian leader Paul Jacob — a nationally known initiative activist and one of the Oklahoma 3 that former Attorney General Drew Edmondson sought to imprison – says the battle for ballot petition rights in all 50 states has been secured, effective today.  

  America On Line, after acquiring the Huffington Post on the leftward end of the spectrum, is now reportedly making a play for The Patriot Post on the right. See for yourself, by going here 

  Danniel Parker of The City Sentinel, a weekly newspaper in Oklahoma City, is reporting one of the day’s most startling revelations. City fathers and urban planners have decided to give the state Capitol back to Guthrie to make room for a new MAPS 3 convention center. 

  Here at the Capitol, walking down the hall the other day – no foolin’ – state Rep. Randy Terrill of Oklahoma City asked the editor of CapitolBeatOK: “Pat, would you like me to sign that mugshot of me you’ve been using with stories on your website?” 

  Your humble servant replied, “I’ll have to call you on that.”