Severe storm damage report in Oklahoma City – situation update
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Published: 29-Apr-2017

Saturday’s early morning storms caused damage across approximately 300 miles of Oklahoma City. Damage has been reported from approximately SW 119th to Hefner and Richland to Westminster.  The biggest problems reported by crews are downed power lines and trees blocking lanes of traffic. Minimum home and business damage has been reported.
The City activated its Multi Agency Coordination Center at approximately 7:30 a.m.  Staff is assessing the damage to develop a common operating picture and made informed decisions.
Residential Debris Collection
Details on how crews plan to collect residential storm damage will be provided after an assessment today.
Outdoor warning sirens
The City will not test the outdoor warning sirens today.
Traffic Signals Out 
About 35 traffic signals are out.  When traffic lights are out, drivers are required to treat each traffic light as a four way stop, with the driver on the right having the right of way.  Enter the intersection only when it is safe to do so, using turn signals to let other drivers know you plan to turn.
MLK and NE 50th             
Kelley and NE 50th            
Kelley and NE 63rd            
Kelley and I-44    
Kelley and Ne 30th            
Kelley and NE 23rd            
Central and SE 29th        
Dewey and NW 10th     
Classen and NW 23rd    
Grand and NE 36th         
Kelly and Hefner             
Portland and NW 16th  
Portland and NW 23rd  
Macarthur and Reno     
Macarthur and Melrose               
Macarthur and SW 3rd  
Macarthur and I-40        
Meridian and Reno        
Rockwell and Reno         
Macarthur and Hefner  
Main and Robinson        
Main and Lee    
Main and Walker             
Main and Sheridan         
SH 152/Council
Classen and NW Expwy
Classen and Belle Isle
Classen and Main
Blackwelder and NW Expwy
Lincoln and NE 50th
Lincoln and NE 36th
Lincoln and NE 28th
Dewey and NW 13th
Western and Sheridan
I-44 and NW 23rd
Kelley and NE 36th  
Street closures:
NW 12 from Robinson to Harvey closed due to downed power lines.
SE 79th and Central
2300 S. May
Reno from May to Portland
600 General Pershing
NW 23rd and Walker
NW 9th and Tulsa
NE 48th and Sooner
Debris in the Roadway
-         NE 23 to NE 50 and Lincoln -  roofs and debris in roadway
-         S Council and Newcastle – shed in roadway
-         Main and Blackwelder – bricks blocking the roadway
Trees reported down in the roadway:
-         NW 23 and Penn
-         9300 S Mustang
-         11300 S Mustang
-         NW 23 and Villa
-         NE 20 and Kelley
-         2717 NW 15
-         NW 26 and Classen
-         NW 21 and Villa
-         NW 23 and Walker
-         NW 23 and Dewey
-         Drexel and Eubanks
-         NE 31 and Jordan
-         NW 39 and Prospect
-         NW 39 and Georgia
-         2800 N Kelley
-         Wilshire and Spencer Rd
-         Lincoln between Hill and NW 31
-         2909 N Place
-         Nain and Linn
-         NE 36 near Greenwood
-         2435 NW 11
-         NE 48 and Bartell
-         10200 S Czech Hall Rd
-         NW 10 and Chisolm
-         404 W Hill
-         NW 38 and Linn
-         NE 23 and I-35
-         NE 23 and I-235

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