Senators Hicks and Kirt — Democratic members of Senate Finance Committee — comment on State Board of Equalization meeting

Oklahoma City – The Democratic members of the Senate Finance Committee released the following statements in response to Tuesday’s State Board of Equalization meeting:

In comments sent to and other news organizations, Sen. Carri Hicks, D-Oklahoma City, said:

“Federal COVID relief funds have jump-started Oklahoma’s economy and the revenue numbers shown today reflect that.“Going forward we believe we will see the greatest return on investment if our tax dollars are used to help the people most impacted by the pandemic. Increased investment in our state’s most critical needs will boost economic growth and reduce poverty.“Taxpayers expect the legislature to make smart investments, not stash our tax dollars in government savings accounts leaving much needed funding on the table. It’s our job as the state legislature to invest in good fiscal policy.”

In her reflections on the results of the Equalization Board meeting, Sen. Julia Kirt, D-Oklahoma City, said:

“We have a mountain of need, especially when we look at the long-term impact of the pandemic.“Oklahomans face huge mental health effects. Uncertain economic impacts will continue to have a ripple effect. Our public schools face incredible challenges being resilient and serving our students. Oklahomans have needs that require immediate, increased, and sustained investment.“As we work on the state budget, we need to think about not just the next fiscal year, but the next 10 years and beyond. We have to constantly balance the opportunity costs of not taking action. The people of Oklahoma are counting on us to make responsible and courageous decisions that will create greater opportunities for future generations of Oklahomans.”