Senate Democratic-Leader Designate Kay Floyd announces committee assignments

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Democratic Leader Designate Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, has announced committee assignments for members of the Senate Democratic Caucus for the 57th  Legislature.
Named to important assignments at the state Capitol were new senators Julia Kirt and Carri Hicks, elected in northwest Oklahoma City districts, and legislative veteran George Young, elected from the east side.
Returning Sen. Michael Brooks, who serves a south side district, was also assigned. 
“Senators in the Democratic Caucus come to the legislature with extensive real world experience in a wide range of professional backgrounds, including education, business, law, military, firefighting, mental health, clergy, arts, and non-profits,” Floyd said.
Floyd said., “It’s an honor to serve with so many talented public servants in the Senate Democratic Caucus.”

Sen. Kirt is scheduled to serve on the Finance, Rules, Veterans and Military Affairs panels.  Sen. Hicks was tapped for the Committees for Education, Health and Human Services, and Transportation. 
Sen. Brooks will serve on the committees that consider legislation dealing with Retirement and Insurance, Public Safety, Judiciary, Appropriations,  and Business, Commerce and Tourism. 
Sen. Young, who left his state House of Representatives seat to seek and win a slot in the upper chamber at the Legislature serve on Health and Human Services, General Government and Business, Commerce and Tourism.

Sen. Floyd named other members of her caucus, including newly-elected Sen. Mary Boren of Norman,  to committee positions. Boren was assigned to the Committees on Judiciary and Agriculture and Wildlife, and to the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.  

Sen. Floyd assigned several of the city-area solons to work on Appropriations Subcommittees. Floyd herself will be a member of these committees: Judiciary, Finance, Appropriations, and General Government.

“The addition of Senator Carri Hicks, a teacher from Oklahoma City, to the Education Committee, and Senator Mary Boren, an attorney from Norman, to the Judiciary Committee, will be particularly beneficial to those committees and to the Senate,” Floyd said.