Senate approves Ritz-Brogdon healthcare choice act

Legislative Staff Release

Published: 23-Mar-2010

State Sen. Randy Brogdon called Tuesday’s Senate vote on an ObamaCare opt-out measure an important step toward reasserting Oklahoma’s sovereignty as a state. Brogdon, an Owasso Republican, is Senate author of House Joint Resolution 1054, by Rep. Mike Ritze of Broken Arrow, and Rep. Mike Reynolds of Oklahoma City, both Republicans. The measure was approved in the Senate on a bipartisan vote of 36 to 11.

“Overwhelmingly, the people who have contacted my office and those of Representatives Ritz and Reynolds have expressed frustration and outrage at how Congress and President Obama railroaded the American people,” Brogdon said.  “HJR 1054 would give voters that opportunity to amend the Oklahoma Constitution to include the “Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act.”

After final legislative action, and if approved by voters later this year, the proposed amendment would:

•                Prohibit any law or rule from directly or indirectly compelling any person or employer to participate in any health care system;

•                Allow any person or employer to pay directly for lawful health care services without paying any penalties or fines;

•                Permit a health care provider to provide directly purchased lawful health services without paying any penalties or fines; and

•                Stipulate that subject to reasonable and necessary rules that do not substantially limit a person’s options, the purchase or sale of private health insurance will not be prohibited.

“I believe ObamaCare has the potential to devastate Oklahoma by destroying jobs and offering less, not more, access to medical care,” Brogdon said. “I believe what Congress did is unconstitutional and I am going to do everything I can to stand between the people and a tyrannical federal government.  The people of this state deserve the opportunity to let their voices be heard loud and clear on this issue—HJR 1054 will give them that opportunity.” of Broken Arrow, and Rep. Brogdon said the measure would go to a conference committee for final review before returning to each chamber for a final vote.