Sen. Holt’s campaign for mayor has fundraising momentum, and support from retired firefighters

David Holt’s mayoral campaign continues to garner a strong fundraising base. Through the summer reporting period (representing cash raised as of June 30), the Republican state Senator from Oklahoma City, running for the top job in the capital city, had $261,061 in his coffers. More significantly, perhaps, Holt had spent merely 8 percent of the money raised thus far. And, donations have come from 308 donors spread across 50 zip codes in the metro area.
The most recent disclosures including a contribution from former Mayor Ron Norick considered the “father of MAPS” – the tax-financed metropolitan area projects, approved by voters, that have paid for downtown area improvements since the early 1990s. 
Holt has a 4-1 financial advantage over the only other candidate in the election, scheduled  for February 13, 2018. 
In other neww from the Holt campaign, the Oklahoma City Retired Fire Fighters Association (with more than 1,000 members) has endorsed him for the top job.  In May, Holt secured the support of the active firefighters group ( 
“David is experienced, professional, and devoted to Oklahoma City,” said George Fina, President of the Oklahoma City Retired Fire Fighters Association. “As people who dedicated our careers to this city, we can relate to that devotion, and we respect it.  We feel we can work with David on the issues that are important to us, and we will work to make sure he is the next Mayor of Oklahoma City.”
“I am honored to receive the support of our retired fire fighters,” said Holt. “We are grateful for all they did in their careers to keep our citizens safe, and they deserve a peaceful retirement that reflects our gratitude. I look forward to working with them as Mayor.”
Holt’s new campaign focus has received public support from hundreds of citizens. His backers include state Rep. George Young, an Oklahoma City Democrat. 
In a News9 analysis this summer, Patrick B. McGuigan (editor of The City Sentinel and founder of said the Holt had powerful momentum for such an early stage of the election campaign. (