Scott Inman: 'I don't hate Kris Steele' and 'Mike Reynolds never said he hates the Speaker'
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Published: 16-Mar-2011
by Patrick B. McGuigan

Published 16-Mar-2011

Democratic House Leader Scott Inman of Del City contacted CapitolBeatOK Wednesday evening, March 16 about a story posted earlier that day. The news story concerned a speech Inman gave last weekend to a group of Democratic activists, highlighting a few minutes of a roughly 12-minute speech.

He told CapitolBeatOK, “During a speech I gave to a group of Democrats I said, in jest, that I thought Mike Reynolds hated Speaker Kris Steele more than I do. I do not hate Speaker Steele, and Mike Reynolds has never said anything to indicate that he hates Kris Steele.”

Rep. Inman asked that CapitolBeatOK print this clarification of his intentions, and we gladly do so.

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