Scott Inman: Democrats ‘disappointed, not surprised’ at loss of education waiver

OKLAHOMA CITY – Democrats in the state House of Representatives were “disappointed, but not surprised,” at last week’s announcement that the federal government will not continue to grant Oklahoma schools a “No Child Left Behind” waiver.

“As Oklahomans, we believe that public education is best handled at the local level, by parents, teachers, administrators, state legislators and state education specialists, not by Washington bureaucrats,” House Minority Leader Scott Inman said.

 “However,” the Del City Democrat continued, “we are not surprised by the Government’s decision.”

Furthermore, “We are equally disappointed in Governor Fallin and the Republican-dominated Legislature,” Inman said.

“Their record on education over the past four years has been abysmal: budget cuts, excessive testing of students, and to top it all off, this year the Republicans repealed education standards that they themselves heartily embraced and voluntarily adopted four years ago.

“We warned the Republicans against moving forward hastily on this issue, without fully considering all of the potential ramifications. As a result, Oklahoma schools are in danger of being taken over by the federal government. Governor Fallin and Republicans in the Legislature warrant a big, fat ‘F’ on the subject of education.

“Instead of blaming the Obama administration for this fiasco, they need to look in the mirror. That’s where the blame lies.”