School Safety a Priority for Dr. Grellner

Oklahoma City — Dr. Randy Grellner, a candidate for the four-year U.S. Senate term on the 2022 ballot, issued a statement on school safety on Friday (May 27) through his campaign.

The campaign press release, sent to and other news organizations, said:

“While families and friends are still grieving over the tragedy this week in Uvalde, Texas, many long-time career politicians are once again using a devastating event to push a liberal agenda instead of focusing on the real issue of school safety.”

Dr. Grellner disagreed with the dominant news media narrative. In a statement included in the press release, he reflected:

“Many career politicians would rather use tragic events to push a liberal agenda of more gun control and gun banishment instead of focusing on the real issues of school safety and mental illness.

“Unlike career politicians who continue to kick the can down the road, I will protect our individual rights while protecting our children and our communities.”

His staff press release pointed out:

“Currently, there are thousands of laws on the books at all levels of government regarding firearms and ammunition, including regulations on their access, purchase, and storage. Despite the fact many of these laws are not being enforced, career politicians continue to push a false narrative of the need for more laws and regulations on law-abiding citizens which would not only lessen our rights but also move forward their true agenda of eventually reaching the outright banishment of firearms.”

Grellner commented:

“None of us want to see tragedies like what happened in Texas, and the focus needs to be where safety can truly be promoted, and a difference made. Instead of focusing on more laws that will only restrict those who follow the laws, we need to create and utilize programs that will really make a difference in school safety.

“Many politicians want to defund our police and lessen or deny safety measures and programs that could truly protect our nation’s children, and then use the cover of a tragedy for their own selfish benefit and to obscure the failure of their own programs.”

The campaign narrative continued:

“There are many programs already in place to assist in better securing schools and protecting our children, but too often federal and state politicians and local school boards refuse to access funds and programs that have been set aside specifically for those purposes.”

Dr. Grellner asserted:

“There are many reasons these types of events occur, and it is not accessible to an inanimate tool. The problems are much deeper than that and have been caused by far too many years of failed policies and the push of personal agendas and special interests by career politicians.

“It is possible to protect our kids, protect our teachers and protect our God-given Constitutional rights as law-abiding Americans.

“Elected officials need to begin fighting for the American people and stop fighting for special interest groups that fund their campaigns and keep them in office year after year and decade after decade. It’s time to earnestly fight for the people of these United States and put America first.”

Dr. Grellner is a candidate for U.S. Senate from Oklahoma.