Road and Bridge ‘Super PAC’ gets ‘green light’

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Association of Oklahoma General Contractors has formed a new “Super PAC” to engage on long-term road and bridge issues in Oklahoma, taking the message of road-builders directly to the public.

The new group named Oklahomans for Roads and Bridges will conduct what it terms “a wide-ranging voter analysis” over the next several weeks to determine the way to deliver messaging and tactics to educate Oklahomans on the importance of the transportation industry for economic development in all corners of the state.

Bobby Stem, AOGC executive director and a board member of the new super PAC said that this advocacy effort is essential to protecting the progress of the 8-yr plan and other transportation projects in Oklahoma.

“We are in a tough budget year for the state, and we understand that, however, there are always hard choices to be made and we want to be sure that lawmakers don’t take a U-Turn on progress in our state,” said Stem.

He said, “It would be devastating to our economy and quite frankly dangerous to drivers on our roads if we stopped the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.” 

The newly formed PAC was launched with a O$1 million deposit on Friday (December 18) to begin efforts.