Republicans: Nominate JJ Stitt, who says he wants to be “half the Senator Tom Coburn was”

JJ Stitt is the best Republican choice to serve the people as Oklahoma’s new “Mr. Smith” – a non-politician infused with mainstream conservative policy and personal values. 
If he is nominated on June 30 and then victorious in November, he would join the Sooner State’s present junior senator as an independent but conservative reform voice. 

Stitt contends he is the strongest Second Amendment candidate “to ever come forward.” 
He is certainly unapologetic in his defense of core constitutional principles, including limited government. 

The incumbent senior U.S. Senator has grown comfortable in the nation’s capital. 
His years as a reformer passed into the rear-view mirror some time back, as did those of the Democrat he replaced in 1994. 
Without rancor or bitterness, the belief here is it is time for new blood in the U.S. Senate 

A 17-year veteran of law enforcement, JJ Stitt remains an active and passionate supporter of law enforcement in his community. He says policing agencies must “weed out” any bad apples, and that’s just plain common sense. In past law enforcement work, he was assigned to a federal task force focused on Internet Crimes Against Children. 

As his campaign’s online biographical sketch reports, he currently manages STITT Farms, carrying on his grandfather’s registered brand. His farming work includes rye and wheat (every year) and he is a registered Black Hereford breeder. 

About that last name, JJ and “the other Stitt” are distant cousins, linked by a great-grandfather’s bloodline. Last names don’t always imply similarity, but both Stitts are strong conservatives who bring fresh energy to the arena.

JJ Stitt told The City Sentinel that, for starters, he wants “to be half the Senator Tom Coburn was.” That would make an excellent addition to the upper house of Congress. 

In the Republican U.S. Senate primary, The City Sentinel endorses JJ Stitt.