Representative Justin Humphrey Asks State A.G. to Sue Biden Admin over Border Invasion

Oklahoma City – State Rep. Justin JJ Humphrey, R-Lane, has presented Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor with a proposed lawsuit against the Biden Administration for what he calls an utter failure to protect the nation’s borders.

“Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution plainly outlines that protecting our nation’s border is one of the basic functions of government,” Humphrey said.

“Biden’s inept Administration is sanctioning millions of undocumented people who are entering our country illegally to overrun our nation. Biden’s dereliction of defending the border has indisputably resulted in an enormous increase in drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigrants harming all U.S. citizens and all Oklahomans.”

Humphrey said that while Oklahoma is engaged in a battle against drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigrants, simultaneously the United States has broken supply chains, food production disruptions, storage and warehouses that are being systematically destroyed, and the depletion of fuel reserves.

At the same time, the United States is attempting to recover from COVID.

“These mutual collective acts could conceivably lead a person to conclude that our nation is unknowingly in a state of war,” Humphrey said.

“The U.S. border is a catastrophe and an unimaginable humanitarian disaster. This heartbreaking tragedy and the impending danger to our nation should compel all Americans to action.

“Unknown numbers are invading our nation, and the intent of these invaders is uncertain. It is exceedingly conceivable that an ample number of illegal transients may have hostile intentions toward our nation. Texas has declared the current border crisis an invasion.

“I am asking Oklahoma to join Texas authorities in declaring to the Biden Administration that the current border debacle is an illegal and unwarranted invasion of the United States.”