Representative Forrest Bennett Appointed to House Democratic Leadership Team

State Representative Forrest Bennett, D-Oklahoma City, was appointed as Assistant Floor Leader on the Oklahoma House Democratic Leadership Team by House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson for Oklahoma’s 59th Legislature.

“I am thrilled to join Leader Munson’s team this session as an Assistant Floor Leader,” said Rep. Bennett.

“I look forward to utilizing my role to facilitate healthy discussions between our caucus and our Republican counterparts.”

This year is Rep. Bennett’s eighth year serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He is a member of the National Council of Insurance Legislators and chair of the Property and Casualty Committee.

According to a press release from the House Democratic Caucus, “Leader Munson added Rep. Bennett to the team to further ensure a Floor Leader is consistently available to Democratic members for questions and feedback and to strengthen our Floor strategy as House Democrats work on policies that positively impact all Oklahomans.”

Munson, an Oklahoma City Democrat, said:

“Representative Forrest Bennett will make a great addition to our already strong team of leaders.

“Bennett believes in open and productive communication on the Floor and has been a strong voice on the issues important to our constituents. His leadership will help our Caucus not only push back on harmful legislation but also move our agenda to help working families forward.”