Rep. Sanders ‘disgusted’ by Board of Education’s behavior

Legislative Staff Release

Published 28-Jan-2011

State Rep. Mike Sanders, a Kingfisher Republican, issued the following statement regarding the behavior of State Board of Education members at their first meeting with newly elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi:
“I am disgusted by how little respect members of the State Board of Education showed in addressing State Superintendent Barresi and her prospective hires. It was bad enough that the board sought to hinder the new state superintendent’s ability to carry out her plan, but their highly inappropriate conduct in yesterday’s meeting went far beyond what anyone would have expected from state officials.
“Board Member Rozell commented on one prospective member’s pregnancy as a reason to deny her hire, which is not only discriminatory but likely illegal. The board’s reasons for denying other hires were just as weak. I fully support Speaker Steele’s call to review the actions of the board to determine if legislative action is needed to address oversight of the Department of Education.”