Rep. Kirby’s proposal would allow wine shipments to certain customers

Oklahoma City – A measure that would allow wineries to ship wine in and out of state to certain customers has cleared the first hurdle in the legislative process.

House Joint Resolution 1002, by state Rep. Dan Kirby, R-Tulsa, would allow the citizens of Oklahoma to vote on a constitutional amendment in November to allow wineries that have been licensed by the Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement (ABLE) Commission to sell and ship wine directly to consumers who have visited the winery in person and purchased the wine on the premises.

The resolution cleared the House Rules Committee this week by a vote of 6-4 and now awaits a hearing by the full House of Representatives.

“This bill is an effort to help wineries in Oklahoma grow their markets,” said Rep. Kirby, R-Tulsa. 

“Oklahoma is one of only a handful of states with archaic liquor laws that still prohibits direct-to-customer shipping of wine, and there is a tremendous economic growth opportunity for these businesses. 

Hopefully, my colleagues in the House and Senate will support this measure and let the people of Oklahoma decide this issue.”