Queen Esther Celebration, hosted by artist Sara M. Novenson

from the website: Women of the Bible, Landscapes of the Soul (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Celebrate Esther’s courage and faith. She will re-awaken us to the Esther we carry within ourselves.

It is the time of the year to celebrate Queen Esther. Sara M. Novenson, an artist with many Oklahoma fans, promised in a recent reflection: “I will guide you deep into Esther’s world through the painting and her story. While I studied and focused on the story of Esther she began to appear in my life in mysterious and synchronistic ways.”

Novenson continued, “The power of women of the Bible comes alive in our lives when we focus on them. Through active meditation we will embody Esther using the Sacred Women Guidance Cards. Queen Esther awakens us to our great feminine archetype of Courage and her attributes of Inner Radiant Beauty, Power from the Ancestors and Fearlessness. Esther’s story lives within us all.”

Join Novenson  for a 60 minute Zoom celebration: 
Thursday, February 25, 7pm ET • 6pm CT • 5pm MT • 4pm PT • 3pm AK time

Order tickets to register for the celebration. Click and paste to follow this link:
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Pat McGuigan, founder of CapitolBeatOK and publisher of The City Sentinel newspaper in Oklahoma City, owns a beautiful print of one of Sara Novenson’s works, and is among advocates for her creations: 
“Novenson’s paintings reside at the top of my listing for favorites among contemporary American artists. I learn something useful for spirit and gain hope every time I read something by or about her.”

To purchase tickets for the Zoom Celebration, go to Sara Novenson’s original link, here: