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Political Commentator Exposes the Extent of Anti-White Racism in New Bestselling Book

Monterey, California — Bestselling author and conservative political commentator Ed Brodow argues that white people are victimized by racism and entitled to government protection as much as any other group in his new, No. 1 Amazon Best Seller, “The War on Whites.”

Making his case for the reverse discrimination consequences of anti-discrimination measures, Brodow said, “Discrimination against whites is just as bad as discrimination against blacks or anyone else. Racism in any form is unacceptable.”

Advocating for a value system that prioritizes judging people based on the quality of their character instead of the color of their skin, Brodow takes a deep dive into the unintended divisive outcomes of the push for diversity.

“Under the widely accepted version of diversity, whites are demonized as oppressors and blacks are disempowered by being told they are helpless, oppressed victims,” Brodow said.

“Both contribute to the social disintegration of America.”

Some of the topics Brodow explores in his book include:

• Racism/discrimination against whites

• Systemic racism and white supremacy

• Diversity training

• Diversity vs. meritocracy

• The educational system

• Affirmative action

• Black Lives Matter

• Critical Race Theory

• Joe Biden’s presidency

Brodow argues that systemic racism and white supremacy no longer exist thanks to the changes that have occurred in the last 60 years. His arguments are supported by the opinions of leading African-American thinkers, including Thomas SowellShelby Steele, Bob Woodson, Candace OwensLarry Elder and John McWhorter.

The War on Whites is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future of America,” Brodow believes. He said in a press release sent to, “You cannot say in the same breath that giving preference to white males is racist and sexist, but giving preference to minorities and women is not. It has to work both ways. We should be able to accommodate the rights of our minorities without depriving the majority of theirs.”

Information on Ed Brodow and his new book: The author of best-selling books, Ed Brodow is a conservative political commentator, negotiation expert and bestselling author of 10 books, including the No. 1 Amazon Best Seller, “America on its Knees: The Cost of Replacing Trump with Biden,” and the business classic, ‘Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals.’ His new book, also a No. 1 Amazon Best Seller, is “The War on Whites: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport.” He has contributed more than 250 articles as a columnist for American Thinker, Newsmax, BizPacReview, Human Events, Townhall, Daily Caller and other media outlets. An internationally recognized television personality, Brodow has appeared on ABC National News, Fox News, GBNews-UK, Inside Edition, CBS, Fortune Business Report and PBS. He is a former U.S. Marine lieutenant, Fortune 500 sales executive and Hollywood movie actor with starring and supporting roles opposite Jessica Lange, Ron Howard and Christopher Reeve. For more background, visit, or follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter at edbrodow, or on Facebook at The new book’s Amazon link:

Publication informationThe War on Whites: How Hating White People Became the New National Sport, Released May 2023, ISBN-13: ‎979-8395875587,

Available from and in many bookstores.

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