Photo Gallery – May 30-31 Property Damage on Classen Boulevard

On Saturday, as the sun lowered in the western sky, a demonstration took place to protest of the death, several days earlier, of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Demonstrators protested his death and that of other African-American men while in police custody over recent years. 

Into the night on Saturday, May 30, unknown individuals traveling south from a demonstration at the corner of N.W. 23 and Classen Boulevard in Oklahoma City tossed bricks through the windows of several businesses.

Police had arrested more than two dozen people as a result of the events of May 30 and the early morning on May 31.

The City Sentinel visited some of the damaged buildings on Sunday morning, May 31, to take photographs and talk with proprietors of the small business locations along Classen which suffered damages. 

Demonstrations continued in Oklahoma City on Sunday afternoon, May 31.