Paul Wesselhöft: Former Lawmaker, Now Author

OKLAHOMA CITY – Paul Chrisstarlon Wesselhöft has announced publication of two books: The Redfeather Pentalogy (fiction), and Eros: Penultimate Love (poetry). Archway Publishing, from Simon & Schuster, published the books. 
‘The Redfeather Pentalogy’ is a saga of Southern Americana. It reads like a novella but is a unified, five-story coming-of-age narrative told with poignant humor and dramatic action. 
The semi-autobiographical tale is about the inspired life of a “mixed-breed” Native American boy growing up in broken homes in Oklahoma and Texas during the 1950’s.  Jamie Redfeather endures racism, poverty, and the loss of love and identity; but with his powerful will to thrive, he discovers who he is meant to be. 
“Every generation endures cultural challenges like poverty, racism and the desolation of the nuclear family, as did the protagonist of the book,” Wesselhöft says. “It’s important for every generation to look back historically on the way things were to understand how far their lives and culture have advanced,” the author says.
“I want readers to feel, to sympathize how Jamie felt as a child and teenager growing up in a southern racist culture amidst the hardships and achievements of personhood.”

‘Eros: Penultimate Love’ is a book of thematic love and romance poetry representing a spiritual journey, a chronological progression from childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and into old age and the end of life. It portrays the frustrations, disappointments, and glory of seeking, losing, and finding again that special person for life. 
“This book is not a random collection of poems, rather a chronological journey in verse of seeking romance and love,” Wesselhöft says, “it’s not only insightful, but uplifting to the human spirit.”
Both books are available at, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Paul Chrisstarlon Wesselhöft, M.A., M. Div, a fifth generation Oklahoman, was the first of his family and relatives to attend and graduate college. He is a Vietnam era veteran and retired U.S. Army Chaplain who served in the Airborne, First Ranger Battalion, 75th Infantry, and in combat in the first Persian Gulf War: Desert Shilled and Desert Storm. At the Oklahoma State Department of Health for 7 years, he directed a federal grant for teen Abstinence Education throughout schools in the state.