Opinion: The immorality of increasing taxes

Over the past few months, Oklahomans have been alarmed by the numerous tax increase attempts, and rightly so. Everyone loses when government creates new taxes and increases the public tax burden.
It’s not hyperbole to suggest that the federal, state and local governments and their many related entries are now taking half your income through ever increasing direct taxation, overpriced services, fees and regulations, and the many hidden costs which are passed on to you in some form.
These costs are wreaking havoc upon society.
The cost of government has become a major facet in the decline of families. It places tremendous financial stressors upon families, forces both parents to work full-time jobs and takes their focus away from their children.
Society is paying a terrible price, and so is government.
The cost of the education system, human services, public and mental health, public safety and corrections will only continue to skyrocket as family values continue to come under pressure and government does even more harm to the ability of Oklahomans to focus on their families.
Although tax increases might provide more money to government in the short term, the long term cost will haunt society. When politicians approve new taxation, they contribute to this great immorality.
As I have thought through these matters, I have determined never to be a party to this destructive action.
Instead of supporting tax increases, I have been convicted of the importance of eliminating the practices within government that continue to waste million of dollars every year.
I have also determined to do my part in reducing the cost of government by voting against new spending plans and the issuance of new government debt.
These costly plans continue to come forward right now — even at a time when government spending continues to significantly outpace government revenue.
The enactment of the tax increases will only serve to allow politicians to continue this inexplicable spending and debt issuance.
I will continue to vote “No! 
NOTE: Murphey, a Republican, represents District 31 (Guthrie in Logan County) at the state House in Oklahoma City. He is chairman of the Government Modernization Committee.