Oklahoma State Senator Warren Hamilton questions legality of self-induced abortions in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City – State Senator Warren Hamilton, R-McCurtain, has requested that state Attorney General John O’Connor provide an official legal opinion related to self-induced abortions.

Following the overturning of ‘Roe v. Wade; earlier this year, a letter sent in October urged the state’s chief legal and law enforcement official to answer whether or not at-home abortions are a crime in Oklahoma.

A self-induced or self-managed abortion is defined as an act performed or administered by the mother with the intent of causing the death of her unborn child.

While abortion has been outlawed in Oklahoma, mothers are still able to acquire pills through the mail, raising concerns for many lawmakers in the state.

Hamilton was joined in the request by colleagues (some of whom have ended their term in office), including state Senators Jake MerrickNathan Dahm, George Burns, and Shane Jett, along with house counterparts, Representatives Wendi Stearman, David Smith, and Tom Gann.

“We must protect the lives of unborn children at all costs. We must also protect mothers who could self-administer an abortion without knowing it is a crime,” Hamilton said.

“Right now, it is unclear if self-induced abortions are against the law as there are many conflicting reports on the matter. I am looking forward to a response from Attorney General O’Connor to gain clarity, as the lives of innocent preborn children depend on it.”

Hamilton explained his belief in the fundamental value of human life and the principal duty of government to protect it. He said he will continue “to stress the seriousness of the situation as pro-abortion figures are advocating for this method of killing unborn children.”

The full request can be viewed here: https://app.box.com/v/2022-10-13-ok-ag-request

“The U.S. Constitution prohibits states from denying any person the equal protection of the laws,” Hamilton continued.

“God says to love our neighbors as ourselves, meaning that Oklahoma must follow the Constitution and obey God by ensuring every human being is equally protected under our laws. Made by God in His own image, preborn children are just as valuable as everyone else, and they must be afforded the same legal protections against homicide.”