Oklahoma State Senator Rob Standridge says Senate Bill 658 protects parental rights, right to privacy

CapitolBeatOK Staff Report 
On the heels of Gov. Kevin Stitt’s ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 658, by Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, and Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, Standridge said the bill is about protecting parental rights and the right to privacy. 

S.B. 658 prohibits schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations and bars schools, including colleges and universities, from requiring students who haven’t received the vaccine to wear masks.

“It’s about the rights of parents over the power of government. The bill in no way restricts a parent or citizen’s right to wear a mask or take a vaccine,” Standridge said. 
“It simply protects the rights of parents and citizens to decide what is best for themselves and their children. I trust parents to determine what is best for their children, just as God has entrusted them.”

Standridge said while many politicians are pushing to take away the ability for parents to make those medical choices, he’s increasingly hearing from constituents frustrated those same politicians are not addressing the undocumented aliens pouring over the southern border and the tremendous risk they pose to public health in this country.

“Every month, hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens are illegally crossing into our country, infected with no telling how many variants of how many diseases,” Standridge said. 
“People are wondering why the same all-knowing government, supported by leftist politicians and media, are saying and doing nothing to protect against the spread of disease by these non-citizens, while pushing to vilify Americans who have serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and masks.”

Standridge said that continued push to force medical choices on citizens and their children proves the need for Senate Bill 658.
“I encourage all citizens, especially parents, to stand strong and look out for what is best for your children, regardless of what politicians and their lackies tell you,” Standridge said. 

“To those education institutions in Oklahoma, particularly those funded through taxpayer dollars, they need to follow and respect the law as clearly expressed in S.B. 658. They must not mandate or otherwise coerce parents and their children to take measures, including wearing masks, against their will. These schools are funded by taxpayers, so we as taxpayers expect them to follow the law in S.B. 658 that respects citizens’ fundamental rights to choose what is best for themselves and their children.”