Oklahoma State Election Board urges voters to respond to address confirmation notice

Oklahoma City – This past spring, more than 181,000 Address Confirmation Notices were mailed to certain Oklahoma voters, as required by law. 
Nearly two months later, more than 134,000 notices remain outstanding, state election officials said on Friday (July 19).

Voters who do not respond to the Address Confirmation Notice by July 27 will be declared “inactive.” State election officials urge any voter who has not responded to the notice, to do so as soon as possible.

State Election Board spokesperson, Misha Mohr, said voters can respond to the Address Confirmation Notice by mail or online at http://ok.gov/elections.
“An Address Confirmation Notice has to be signed and dated by the voter in order for election officials to confirm or make changes to a voter registration. Those who respond online will be asked to take an oath. It’s one of the many safeguards we have in place to protect the integrity of our election system,” said Mohr.

State and federal law require that Address Confirmation Notices be mailed to certain voters every two years. Voters who do not respond by the deadline will automatically be designated as “inactive” voters. “Inactive” voters are still registered voters who are eligible to vote, and can automatically change their status to “active” by voting or updating their registration during the next two General Election cycles.
Mohr reminds Oklahomans that voters who are designated “inactive” this year and remain “inactive” following the 2022 General Election ares required by law to be removed from the voter rolls. (Emphasis added by CapitolBeatOK.com’s editor.)

Next-of-kin who need to cancel the registration of a deceased relative or those who have moved out of state can complete a Request to Cancel Voter Registration form which can be found on the State
Election Board website at https://www.ok.gov/elections/Voter_Info/Cancel_Voter_Registration/index.html.

To learn more about the address confirmation and voter list maintenance process, see 26 O.S.§ 4-120. 
For more information, contact State Election Board Public Information Officer, Misha Mohr, at: mmohr@elections.ok.gov or by phone at (405) 522-6624.

Editor’s Note: For an overview of election integrity issues in other states (not Oklahoma), including problems arising from “overvotes” (more people voting than are eligible in a district) see this recent story from Real Clear Investigations (part of the “Real Clear Politics” news group): (https://capitolbeatok.worldsecuresystems.com/reports/who-will-clean-up-america-s-voter-rolls).