Oklahoma Roads and Bridges Still Threatened, AOGC says

OKLAHOMA CITY-– With state budget cuts looming, the Association of Oklahoma General Contractors is pressing their No U-Turn campaign with a heavy online and television presence. The campaign is aimed at protecting funding set aside to build and maintain the state’s infrastructure during what everyone acknowledges is a tough budget year.

Facebook and Twitter campaign efforts featuring a No U-Turn road sign urge Oklahomans to “keep our economy moving” and “keep our roads safe.” The number of online supporters can be seen through comments and shares.

Television commercials continue to air multiple times per day throughout the state, indicating, AOGC says, that the threat to state roads and bridges funding is real and ever-present. A release from AOGC commented, “Despite shocking images of dilapidated Oklahoma highways and bridges, the commercials have yet to sway lawmakers to commit to safeguarding this all important funding.”

Bobby Stem, director of AOGC, and other supporters of the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan contend it is the reason the state economy continues to grow at an astounding rate. “Oklahoma is the crossroads of America, and we must keep legislators from stealing funds set aside for roads and bridges if we want to continue growing our state and economy,” the group says This plan will be responsible for roughly 2,000 construction projects statewide by 2022, so long as it is completed.

If funding is delayed even for one year, AOGC syas, the state will never catch up: “Infrastructure has been ignored for too long, and we cannot afford to take a U-turn on progress. We must keep our economy moving.”

A statement circulated to journalists and activists on Friday concluded, “Every day, hard-working men and women dedicate themselves to making Oklahoma a better, safer place to live. Legislators should be held to the same standard. The very future of Oklahoma’s economy depends on an efficient, safe infrastructure, and we must demand safer roads now.

“Insist on an unwavering commitment to bettering bridges. Settle for nothing less than the safety you and your family deserve, Oklahoma.”