Oklahoma House Speaker McCall says Gov. Fallin’s veto was a ‘complete reversal of her promise’

OKLAHOMA CITY – In a Saturday (November 18) statement from his Capitol office, Speaker of the House Charles McCall, R-Atoka, has denounced Governor Mary Fallin’s Friday night veto of the ‘Plan B’ budget that passed the Legislature this week (http://www.www.capitolbeatok.com/reports/oklahoma-senate-to-vote-on-plan-b-budget)
McCall said: “The governor’s line-item veto of House Bill 1019X is a complete reversal of her promise to the Legislature and, frankly, to the people of Oklahoma. Her actions alone create uncertainty in Oklahoma for healthcare services, business investment, job creation and spending, all of which are economic drivers for our state.”

In his statement, sent to CapitolBeatOK and other news organizations, McCall continued: 
“This veto action interjects more chaos and drama into the lives of Oklahomans at a time when they want stability.”
McCall concluded, “The governor could have simply kept her word and stabilized the current situation for Oklahoma by signing the bill that she promised to sign, and then she could have called the Legislature back for her second special session. Instead, the governor has chosen to make the pursuit of her own priorities superior to the those of the people of Oklahoma.” 

In a separate statement, received late Friday, Senate President Pro Temp Mike Schulz, R-Altus, said Fallin’s veto “only serves to throw our budget further into chaos.” (http://www.www.capitolbeatok.com/reports/fallin-vetoes-plan-b-budget-schulz-says-action-throws-state-finances-further-into-chaos)