Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin elected chairman of southern energy board

The Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), the regional spokesman for the American South on energy and environmental issues, has elected Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma as its new Chairman for 2011-2012. The SSEB is comprised of governors and state legislators from 16 states and two territories.

Governor Fallin was the unanimous choice of state delegations to succeed Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, who has effectively rallied southern states in support of onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling; standing up to EPA on an avalanche of new rules and regulations that further threaten American jobs and the economy, and supporting an “all of the above” attitude on energy resources.


“I am honored to be elected as the new Chairman of the Southern States Energy Board,” Governor Fallin said. “This organization was formed by governors and legislators in 1960 and has an excellent reputation for its powerful support of the traditional energy resources that are needed and utilized by Oklahoma and other states every day. 

“To grow our economy, create jobs and even to continue a lifestyle that includes 24-hour electricity, we must build our energy infrastructure base and support American made energy. Moving forward, we will continue with the goal of fully exploiting the United States’ reserves of natural gas through hydraulic fracturing as well as improving the technology needed to capture and store carbon dioxide for use in advanced oil recovery.”
Oklahoma Secretary of Energy Michael Ming said Fallin’s appointment was a good choice for the SSEB and a good thing for Oklahoma.

“Governor Fallin’s election ensures effective and pragmatic leadership for Board programs, bringing momentum for the challenges that we face in defining a viable energy strategy for southern states and the nation,” Ming said. “This election gives Oklahoma a strong role in shaping energy policies and in guiding the development of the technologies needed to implement them.”
About Southern States Energy Board
The Southern States Energy Board is an interstate compact organization of 16 states and two territories formed by governors and state legislators in 1960. Its mission is to enhance economic development and the quality of life in the South through innovations in energy and environmental programs, policies and technologies. 

Oklahoma’s legislative members are Senator David Myers of Ponca City and Representative Weldon Watson of Tulsa, both Republicans.