Oklahoma Fifth C.D. — Shane Jett aims at fiscal policy, immigration reform and national security

Former State Rep. Shane Jett says the top issue he discusses with Republican voters in the Fifth District Congressional primary is “national debt and the challenge of a balanced budget.”

In at least that response, he sounds like several of his competitors in the six-way race for the GOP nomination.

But only Jett raises immigration reform and national security as his second and third issues, respectively, in an interview with CapitolBeatOK.

On the former, he reflected, “We can find a solution so long as we are more interested in a solution and less interested in who gets credit, instead of actually solving the problem. 

Before a solution is even possible, we must close the porous border.

“Amnesty is not going to work. Among other reasons, we are no longer in the 1970s and 1980s, when that was tried. I’d like to bring back the work visa program that was killed during the Carter Administration. I do know that in states like ours, where the economy is having success, there are more jobs than there are skilled workers to fill them. 

There are no ‘bumper sticker’ solutions.”

As for national security, Jett contends, “We are in a time like the Cold War, but with a different kind of foe. We were able to take on Russia, and do what was needed to defeat the Soviet Union, because of the strength of our economy, which yielded strength in other areas.

“Now, we are in at least an economic war with China, and that has security implications. If you look at the whole picture, we have a $17 trillion economy, and about $17.5 trillion in debt.

“The Chinese economy? That’s $14 trillion, with under $1 trillion in debt. The Chinese military has skilled soldiers working in bunkers, actively trying to hack all of our security and other computer systems. And meanwhile, we’re placating them.”

Jett’s family history includes five generations in the Sooner State. He served in the state House of Representatives for six years – the first Republican ever to capture the seat. 

While at the Capitol, he co-founded the Native American Caucus, a bipartisan group. Additionally, Jett serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

So, CapitolBeatOK asked, why should voters elect Shane Jett rather than one of the other conservatives in the race?

He answered, “I bring to the table a blend of the skills and attributes of all the other candidates. I have a military background. I have years of hands-on legislative experience. 

In all, I have traveled to 20 countries. I taught for seven years, in all. I have worked in the private sector, and have finished a total of 18 years in ministry. I have traveled throughout the state selling the Gideon Bibles and speaking in churches.”

Concluding the encounter, he said, “Finally, I reflect a rural perspective while appreciating the importance of Oklahoma County and Oklahoma City. I am from Pottawatomie County. All of us understand the importance of the city as an economic engine, every time we drive in for a Thunder game. No one has to explain to Oklahoma City’s importance – we get it!

“I bring an awareness of how my home area fills out the picture of the Fifth District. Bottom line, anything that any one of the candidates brings into the race, I bring in one package.”
Jett faces five other conservative Republicans in the primary. If no one wins a majority of the votes cast on June 24, there will be a runoff on August 26 to determine the party nominee.
The GOP victor will face either Tom Guild or Al McAffrey, Democrats, in the general election this November.

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