Oklahoma Fifth C.D. – Clark Jolley stresses “conservative record of accomplishment”

State Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, is pressing the flesh, engaging in repartee and rebuttals with competing candidates, and hoping voters in central Oklahoma choose him to replace departing U.S. Rep. James Lankford.
In an interview this week, Jolley told CapitolBeatOK he has encountered three themes in discussions with voters of the Fifth Congressional District (three counties in central Oklahoma), all of which reflect frustration with “Washington’s arrogance in thinking they can run our lives better than we can.”
Jolley said what he hears break down into these areas: “1) How would each of us use our background and experience to fight the federal overreach of Washington in our businesses, families and personal lives? 2) What experience do we have balancing a budget and prioritizing spending without excessive debt? 3) What would you do to repeal ObamaCare?”
In tackling each area, Jolley says, “I have a proven conservative record of accomplishment. I’ve fought against Washington’s overreach in the Senate, I’ve balanced a budget for both a small business and the state of Oklahoma and I’m the only candidate that has a proven record of not just fighting for repeal of ObamaCare, but also for leading the effort to become the second state to adopt the conservative alternative to ObamaCare, the Health Care Compact, which was introduced in the U.S. House by Congressman Lankford this year.”
An attorney who was first elected in 2004, Sen. Jolley is in his third term in the upper chamber of the state Legislature, and is chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee.
Asked to make the case for his election over his opponents, Jolley commented, “Our country faces tremendous challenges. Proven experience with conservative principles matters. … I’m the only candidate with that proven conservative track record. 
“For the last five months, I’ve campaigned across the Fifth District meeting with families, small business owners, farmers, seniors, veterans and countless others to listen to what issues concern them. They’ve told me they are concerned about the economy and jobs, what kind of future our nation will have for our children and grandchildren and question whether America’s greatest days are behind her.
“I’m the only candidate that released a detailed Economic Growth and Jobs Plan to create jobs and bring more opportunities to Oklahoma, to lower taxes and to reduce spending, to stop the overreach of Washington bureaucrats, and get our federal government under control.”
Concluding the interview, Jolleys said, “I’m the only candidate who has balanced multiple-billion dollar budgets, fought against ObamaCare and reduced our taxes. My time fighting for our values in the State Senate is a proven record that shows I’m ready to fight for our values in Washington from day one. I am proud of our positive, issues-oriented, grassroots campaign. I believe I am the best candidate to take Oklahoma’s values to Congress.”
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