Oklahoma City halts bagged trash pickup

The Oklahoma City Utilities Department will stop collecting bagged trash and grass clippings set out at the curb beginning Monday, April 6. From that time forward, all bagged trash, including landscape waste, must be placed inside Big Blue trash carts. Do not put grass or other trash loose in the trash carts.
The change is being made to help keep employees who handle bagged trash safe from contamination of the COVID-19 virus. Announcement of an end to bagged trash pickup came in a March 30 press release. 

The release from city staff said that if a customer does not have enough Big Blue carts to accommodate all of their bagged trash or landscape trimmings, they can call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833 to order additional carts. 
Each customer can have up to four total Big Blue trash carts, which includes two carts that are part of regular service, and two excess carts. For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, the Utilities Department will waive excess cart fees for any new excess carts ordered any new excess carts ordered.

Once the emergency is declared over, customers may return the additional carts, or keep them at a monthly fee of $2.25 per cart.
If a customer sets out bagged trash alongside their two Big Blue carts, the bagged trash will not be collected, and crews will leave a reminder for residents of the new policy. Bagged trash is also not allowed to be set out for monthly bulky pick-up.

Customers who use commercial contractors for their landscape service need to ask their landscapers to carry off the landscape waste and dispose of it.
One alternative to bagging grass is to mulch it and use it for compost or allow it to sit on top of the grass as a moisture barrier. Grass is not to be swept or blown down the City’s storm drains.

For more information, or to order a cart, call Utilities Customer Service at (405) 297-2833.